Why Crockett?

David Crockett had the courage of his convictions. He didn’t go looking for a fight, but he always followed his conscience. His had the moral courage to oppose a popular president from his own party and his own state. It cost him his seat in Congress and ultimately, his life at the Alamo. He didn’t much care for political games or partisan posturing. He looked for what was true and right, and acted from conviction. He also had a way of talking to folks that made tough ideas easier to understand.  Those are our goals at CPI. 

David CrockettWe don’t go in for political spin. We are Democrats and Republicans, Mugwhumps and Independents. We care about simple facts and new, creative ideas - finding what actually works. We try to talk about those things in ways our neighbors can relate to. We like to say that we speak the language of the barbershop, the pulpit and the duck-blind.

Most important, we believe most everybody honestly wants to do what’s best for Tennessee and America. We always stand ready to talk and work with folks who don’t agree with us on the issues. Working together in good faith, we can make Tennessee the best place on earth to live, and work and raise our kids.

We invite you to join us.

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