Transition.pngRenewable energy increases the energy security of our Nation while creating new jobs at home. 

Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan learned firsthand how important it is reduce our dependence on traditional energy sources.  Instead of conducting combat operations, seven out of ten ground convoys carried fuel and water.  The requirement to run those additional convoys increased the risk to our military servicemen and women.  To reduce risk, veterans learned the importance of energy efficiency and reducing our dependence on traditional energy sources.  It just makes sense.

Now, as they return from war, they bring those energy lessons home. Organizations such as the Memphis Bioworks Foundation are encouraging the development of an agriculture-based renewable energy industry in the rural Mid-South Delta.  The industry will require employees who understand the renewable energy culture.  Our returning veterans are already a part of that culture and with their leadership skills, experience, and dependability, they will help accelerate this region’s economic development.

CPI's "Soldier to Civilian" initiative is aimed at establishing programs for the employment of U.S. military veterans, with a focus on the creation of jobs in the renewable energy sector in West Tennessee. It's mission is two-fold: (1) To provide veterans with information on the various employment resources and opportunies available in the region, and (2) To promote renewable energy jobs as a viable career option. 

Veterans face unique challenges in transitioning from soldier to civilian life. Although there are many existing corporate, governmental, and non-profit resources available, there is no centralized place to access those resources. It is our hope the this website, along with our social media presence, will become a virtual "one-stop-shop" for West Tennessee veterans. We are constantly working to expand our network and deliver more information, so please visit this site often for the latest information. Also, please let us know if you are aware of anything going on in the area. We are stronger when we work together!

This is an Equal Opportunity Program. Discrimination is prohibited by Federal Law. Complaints of discrimination should be sent to: USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights; Washington DC 20250-9410.

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