Joe McLean: Political Correctness Slur bogus, Allows for Rudeness

Looks like Santa may leave big lumps of coal in lots of stockings at the University of Tennessee this Christmas.

Tea Party legislators from the Speaker on down have accused Chancellor Jimmy Cheek and the entire school of the worst sin in the conservative catechism: “political correctness.”

It is a theme that runs deep in right-of-center politics.

Just on Tuesday night at the big GOP presidential debate, we heard repeatedly that “political correctness” is to blame for most of America’s ills, from ISIS to acne.

Whoever came up with the slogan "political correctness" was a messaging genius.

You can wield that phrase like a bludgeon, automatically indicting pretty much anybody as a squishy headed “liberal” with no moral compass or “real” American values.

Accusing anyone of “political correctness” gives license to denigrate and insult at will. That makes it a very useful political tool indeed.

But we should know better. Didn’t your mother teach you that you should always be polite, considerate and respectful to others?


Originally posted in The Tennessean: Click here to read the full column.

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