Egypt: The Realities On The Ground

American Security Project's Flashpoint Blog leads with an update from Egypt, where CPI President Lieutenant General John “Glad” Castellaw, USMC (Ret.) recently joined ASP CEO Brigadier General Stephen A. Cheney, USMC (Ret.) on the ground in Tahrir Square.

From BGen Cheney's blog: 

Generals Castellaw and Cheney in Tahrir Square

Having just returned from a week in Cairo, I can say this – Egyptians, as a whole, are considerably happier now and more anxious to move on then they have been in several years.

I walked through Tahrir Square, the Suk, and several parts of Cairo.  Went to the Kasr el Dobara Church during services.   Never felt threatened or unsafe.  Did see a “scheduled” (and I believe permitted) Muslim Brotherhood demonstration – handled appropriately (and nonviolently) by the Egyptian law enforcement authorities.  Virtually all whom I came in contact with – on the street, in taxis, stores, hotels, etc – were ecstatic to see an American and opened their arms to me.  A universal comment was this – “you are safe here – why aren’t more coming?”

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